SEO Tips And Tricks

SEO means search engine optimization and it has a significant role for any web.

Search Engine Optimization

Now I am going to share some SEO tips and tricks to increase visibility in many search engines. These are as follows-
  1. Write great and important content when you write article.
  2. Write unique content when you write.
  3. Add new content all the time when you update your website.
  4. Create grate keywords phrase that increase the probability to click
  5. Choose a phrase that is popular but not too popular because too popular phrase has too competition.
  6. Write accessible HTML site that increase on page optimization.
  7. Use appropriate keywords phrase in your title tag that increase page rank.
  8. Buy a good and short domain name related to your topics of your website
  9. Use a keywords phrase long but not too long.
  10. Use your keyword phrase in anchor text of links.
  11. Invite other people for links to your page
  12. Try to get your keyword phrase inside incoming links
  13. Try to get links from reputable and similar sites.
  14. Create as much content as you can of your article
  15. Keep your site content inside one web theme.
  16. Keep your site live as long as possible to describe
  17. Host of your site in USA server.
  18. Create an XML sitemap or Google sitemap but XML sitemap is better.
  19. Get as many inbound links as you can to provide
  20. Insert your keyword phrase in the first paragraph
  21. Put your keyword phrase in alternative text
  22. Increase the font size of your keyword phrase that increases visibility in search.
  23. Format your keyword phrases to bold layout
  24. Write a descriptive meta description content.
  25. Link to your page from within your site that increase page rank.
  26. Put up links that flow within the text
  27. Get linked in DMOZ and Yahoo! and many popular sites
  28. Link all significant images
  29. Keep your pages up-to-date for audience.
  30. If you must use Flash, always include alternative text.
  31. Use the meta keywords tag and include your keyword phrase
  32. Use your keyword phrase in your meta description content
  33. Use synonyms for your keywords that understand the audiences
  34. Register a separate domain instead of a sub-domain because of its flexibility.
  35. Register a .com domain over a .biz or .us domain but I prefer to choose .com domain.
  36. Use hyphens as possible to separate words in domains
  37. Don't host your site with a host that allows spammers
  38. Don't host your site with a host that is down a lot.
  39. Don't write your content with JavaScript but write with HTML
  40. Don't use more than 14 words in your URL example- make money online site
  41. Write content in English language.
  42. Write content for USA and CANADA that increase page rank because those are developed county.